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rachel and gary

Husband and wife team Rachel and Gary have been fostering children together from their home in Powys, for over ten years.

the foster family

Having both worked as nurses, Rachel and Gary felt they could offer the love, support and caring environment needed in a foster family. They saw it as a natural progression from their work life.

“We met at work years ago at the hospital we were both working at. Our careers in nursing led us to become full-time foster carers. It felt like a natural thing to do.”

“I think we’re both quite caring and there are a lot of skills from when we were nurses that we have used to help us be the best foster carers we can be.”

Fostering came very naturally to the husband and wife team, who have welcomed a number of foster children into their home since they began on their journey. The children have been from a range of backgrounds, needing all sorts of love and support.

“they’re part of the family”

Gary and Rachel have experienced the challenges and rewards that fostering brings, and also the positive effects it can have.

“Ewen and Richard, were matched with us long term 4 years ago. They were just three and eight at the time. They had both been through quite a lot for little ones, and were not really able to just be children until they came to live with us.”

Their past is a long way away now, and both boys are looking forward to brilliant futures thanks to Rachel and Gary.

“We love them so much, they’re part of our family. Ewen is 7 and Richard is 13. They’ve grown into confident young boys with bright futures ahead of them.”

The couple know that just by being there, caring and listening, they can make a world of difference to the boy’s lives. 

“The boys had lived with lots of different friends and family before they came to us.  It amazes me how children so little can experience so much, but then be okay and surprise us and grow in confidence every day.”

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Rachel and Gary have really enjoyed becoming part of the foster community, taking the time to get to know other foster carers living in the same area, as well as our own support teams.

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Our fostering success stories are based on the real-life experiences of Local Authority Foster Carers in Wales. To protect their privacy, and the privacy of the children and young people to whom they provide care, love and support, all the names have been changed and actors have stepped in to help us tell their amazing stories.

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