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No child in foster care is the same, and their foster parent shouldn’t be either. That’s why we actively look for people from all backgrounds to join up.

We actively celebrate diversity at Foster Wales Powys. Whether you’re married, cohabiting or single, it’s your life experiences and skills we want.

What matters most to our children in care is the stability, love and consistency you can offer as a foster carer in Powys.

foster myths: separating fact from fiction

No matter who you are, fostering is an opportunity to make a real difference to children in your local community. We offer a real mix of foster care stays too, from a few hours a week, a weekend stay to a year. Which is why we need a real mix of carers in our network too. There will always be a foster caring scenario to suit you.

When it comes down to the question of who can foster, all we ask is: do you want to make a difference to a local child?

can I foster if I work full time?

Having a full time job doesn’t stop you from becoming a foster carer at all, it simply means we may need to arrange further support from your family and friends.

We’re confident fostering can fit into anyone’s life, whether you work part-time, full time or not at all.

Fostering is a commitment so needs a team approach. The extra support you’ll get will come from the teachers, social workers and therapists too, as well as your own friends and family.

can I be a foster carer if I live in rented accommodation?

You can be a foster carer in any kind of home. As long as you’ve got a spare bedroom and can offer a safe, secure spot for a child, then you can be a foster carer.

can I foster if I have children of my own?

You can absolutely be a foster carer if you’re a parent too, taking on a foster child will become an extension of your own family, adding even more people to love and care for.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the ‘ideal foster family’ and having siblings can be so rewarding for young people in foster care. It teaches them empathy and enables them to build friendships.

am I too old to foster?

You might be surprised to learn, there isn’t an upper age limit to being a foster carer. As long as you feel fit and well, then you’re eligible to care for a child. No matter what age you are, our team at Foster Wales Powys will make sure you’re equipped with support for your journey ahead.

am I too young to foster?

If you are an adult, you can foster – you can be fresh in your 20s and still offer a fantastic opportunity to a child in Powys. We’ll make sure you feel prepared to take on your challenge. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way.

do couples who foster have to be married or in a civil partnership?

Foster parents can be married, single or in a civil partnership. Whatever relationship you have, you’re just as capable of being a foster carer.

Children and young people in care need love and stability, to feel safe in a foster home. If you can offer this, then you’re exactly what they need.

can I foster if I’m transgender?

Of course, you can be a foster carer no matter your gender. Our team knows gender has nothing to do with the ability to care for and love a child. We need people with a caring personality and gentle nature – that’s what matters most to the children and young people we work with.

can I foster if I’m gay?

Absolutely. You can be a foster carer no matter your sexual preference. Again, we look for someone unique who can provide a safe space, listen to a child when they need and care for them throughout their stay.

can I foster if I have a dog or cat?

We know just how important pets are to you and your new foster family and it doesn’t stop you being a foster carer. We’ll simply include them in your assessment and make sure any future foster children will get on with your pets too.

can I foster if I smoke?

Whilst each team will have different policies around smoking and foster care, it’s important to be honest at your application. We’re happy to offer help with quitting if that’s something you’d be interested in. As with each case, we’ll make sure to find the perfect match for you, regardless of whether you smoke.

can I foster if I’m unemployed?

Being unemployed won’t hold you back from being a foster parent at all, we know your love and support is what matters most. We’ll work with you to understand the value fostering can bring and make sure it’s the right decision for you.

can I foster if I don’t have a big house?

All foster homes are unique and that’s just what we aim for. Whether you live in a flat or home, as long as you’ve got a spare bedroom, you’ll be a great foster parent.

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